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Why the Yarra Valley is the perfect day trip from Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne or are just visiting, sometimes you need a little break from the city.  Whether you want to escape the sweltering heat or get back to nature and watch the rain roll in over the mountains, the Yarra Valley is the perfect scenic getaway in any season. Just an hour from Melbourne and with wine, food and breathtaking views galore, the Yarra Valley is the perfect destination for a day trip out of the city.

Gateway Estate

A great way to start your Yarra Valley day trip is by heading to Gateway Estate. Gateway Estate combines a 5000 square metre greenhouse and a rustic café and shop, stocking some of the best local products the Yarra Valley has to offer.  From goat’s cheese to chutneys and fresh produce, this is the perfect place to get your first taste of the Yarra Valley. If you’re wanting a more hands-on approach you can pick your own strawberries from the Gateway greenhouse or If you’re looking for a slightly bolder way to kickstart your morning the Gateway Estate strawberry liqueurs are a must try.

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

No trip to the Yarra Valley would be complete without a stop to the Chocolaterie. Set among orchards and rolling hillsides and boasting over 250 different chocolate products, a trip to the Chocolaterie is a sensory treat. While you’re here you can indulge in the free samples on offer, watch the chocolatiers at work or try something a little more unique like the rosemary chocolate from their Kitchen Garden range. If a boozy trip is more what you’re seeking, don’t fret, the Chocolaterie still has you covered with their speciality truffle range which includes chocolates infused with champagne, wine and cider.

Killara Estate

Let’s be real, if you’re in the Yarra Valley you’re going to want to taste some of the wines that have made the region famous. Killara Estate cellar door and restaurant is the perfect place to get started.  With everything from prosecco to pinot noir, a cellar door wine tasting is a great place to start your time at Killara Estate. Then, head into the restaurant where you can treat yourself to an authentic Italian style lunch while you sit by the roaring log-fire and take in the views across the valley.  The pumpkin gnocchi with a glass of Sangiovese is definitely a must while you’re at Killara.

Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse

Although the Yarra Valley is often touted for its wineries, if you’re in need of a cleansing ale, Napoleone Brewery is the place for you. Brewing craft and small-batch beers and ciders on site, Napoleone offers a very refreshing range. Their mixed apple and pear cider is crisp and clean while their larger is light and subtle and will suit even a non-beer drinker. Indulge in the expansive views of the surrounding vineyards and settle in with a $15 tasting paddle or indulge in a bite to eat from Meletos which shares a space with the brewery.

Hanrahan Vineyard

After a day of gallivanting, Hanrahan’s Vineyard is the perfect place to wind-down after a long day. The cellar door of the boutique, family-owned vineyard is nestled in what looks like an old-school converted barn. Everything from the wines to the decorating at Hanrahan’s is homely and rustic. If you’ve collected some local produce throughout your day in the Yarra Valley, the good news is Hanrahan offers reverse BYO; you supply the food, they supply the wine. The perfect way to top off your day!

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1 Day Discover the Yarra Valley Wine Tour

The Wurrundjeri people called the Yarra River “Birrarung” which means “river of mists”. You will be enchanted by this mystical valley complete with gourmet delights.

Our day begins with a visit to Gateway Estate Farmhouse for a tour of the high tech hydroponic greenhouse, where they grow strawberries and capsicums, plus share platters of fresh fruit and seasonal produce. After which we visit the rustic cellar door of Napoleone Cider and Brewery House for generous samples of delicious ciders and ales.  This fun day tour includes sampling 10th generation French wine making sparkling wine from the stunning Dominque Portet Winery.   After generous wine tastings at Rochford, we will sojourn to the restaurant for our light lunch overlooking the gardens and Yarra Valley Wines. The first course is antipasto sharing plates followed by a selection of light seasonal meals freshly plated by the resident chef.

Throughout the day we visit three of our favourite boutique award winning wineries, each selected for excellence in customer experience and quality wine tastings.  Before heading back to Melbourne we stop off to indulge in free chocolate at the picturesque Yarra Valley Wine Tour Chocolateire and Ice-creamery, offering over 250 different handcrafted chocolate and truffle varieties. You’re sure to walk away with something delicious from the ‘Great Wall of Chocolate’.

Please note: Itinerary and wineries may change depending on availability. Not suitable for children under the age of 18 years old

Detailed itinerary of the Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Wines do a lot of wonders. They can make you feel happy and relaxed. They break down the walls you set to shut yourself off from the world of strangers. A glass of dry wine builds bridges and unforgettable friendships. So, experience the fun and satisfy your senses with the best Shiraz or Pinot Noir. 

The wines of Yarra Valley are simply sensational. The flavor, the color, the dryness. They’re artistically crafted to deliver the best hit just at the right spot. The different varieties of wine ranging from dry to red to sparkling will make your day at the Valley all worth it. 

As the magic of wine sets your spirit on high explore more places and spaces beneath the surface of Yarra Valley. Understand the mystery and the secret hidden underneath the soil that grows the best vines that produced world class wines. Australian wine is truly the best in the hemisphere because the fertility gods and cool climate made them so!

Highlights of the Yarra Valley winery tour include the stunning views of the region, wine tastings at three renowned wineries, indulging in free samples from a chocolate factory. You will experience the rustic charm of a cider ale house and taste the flavor of the 10th generation of French wine making. You can also try some local produce from a gourmet farmhouse.

Our Melbourne wine tours commence with a visit to Gateway Estate that used high tech hydroponic greenhouse to grow strawberries and capsicums. Learn some lessons about sustainable farming techniques employed by the farmhouse.

At the estate, you can share some platters of fresh fruit and seasonal produce. You can pick strawberries from the farm and sample their strawberry liqueurs, preserves, and cheeses. Fruit picking has an extra cost though.   

Our next destination is the rustic cellar door of Napoleone Cider and Brewery House. We will have free samples of their ciders and ales. The brewery is at the heart of the Yarra Valley.

Then we stop by the Dominique Portet Winery that prides itself as a 10th generation of traditional French wine making. The winery has quite a history of creating French wines. Well, you can try their sparkling wine. That’s a dare!

We also visit and taste the wines at Rochford Winery. It houses the best dry wines you could imagine. Feel the warmth and taste the flavor of perfection. Well, just see and taste for yourself. You be the judge! 

On the upper side of Yarra Valley is the Killara Estate Winery. There you can enjoy delicious platters and Italian inspired wines. Have fun and enjoy the amazing views of the valley. 

With just less than an hour drive from Melbourne, Yarra Valley has been in the business of producing and delivering world class wines for seventeen decades. That’s a long history right there. The region’s proximity to the city makes it a favorite Melbourne wine tours destination.

Aside from the wine, there are other reasons why you should visit the Yarra Valley. One of them is great food. The restaurants served exquisitely prepared dishes from local gourmet produce. We will have lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Yarra Valley. They have a great selection of delicious food.

The other reason why you join us in our Yarra Valley wine tour is the great and amazing views of mountain ranges, rolling hills, and vineyards all across the valley. Truly mystifying, the valley makes you turn inward to search the deep recesses of your soul to find the connection that links the land and the life it hosts.  

Prior to hitting the road back to Melbourne, we will have a stop at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery that offered more than 250 different varieties of handcrafted chocolates and truffles.

Don’t worry about how you can pay all the wines! Wine and beer tastings are all free. But this Melbourne wine tour is suitable only for wine lovers 18 years old and above.

We provide you an experienced driver for your ride. A professional tour guide who is friendly, hospitable, and informative will accompany you along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the beautiful scenery. Explore the magic. Know the secrets buried in the soils of Yarra Valley. Join us in our Yarra Valley Wine Tour to find out the secrets hidden behind the picturesque vista of this wine producing valley.

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Most popular pickup locations:




Base Backpackers, 17 CARLISLE ST, ST KILDA @ 07:10am

Claremont Hotel, 189 TOORAK RD, SOUTH YARRA @ 06:50am

Coffee Palace (Nomads),  Grey/jackson St St. Kilda @ 07:07am

Discovery Melbourne, 167 FRANKLIN ST @ 07:55am

Habitat HQ, 333 ST KILDA RD, ST KILDA @ 07:15am

Holiday Inn, 575 FLINDERS LANE, NEAR SPENCER ST @ 07:35am

Ibis on Therry, 15 THERRY STREET, MELBOURNE @ 07:55am

Immigration Museum, CNR FLINDERS/MARKET ST, MELBOURNE @ 07:40am

Lilydale Train Station @ 08:45am

Mantra on Russell, 222 RUSSELL ST @ 07:50am

Mercure Welcome, 265 LT. BOURKE STREET @ 07:50am

Novotol St.Kilda 16 The Esplanade St. kilda @ 07:10am

Pegasus Apart’ Hotel, 206 A’BECKETT ST. @ 07:55am

Radisson Hotel, 380 WILLIAM ST, MELBOURNE @ 07:55am

Ringwood Train Station @ 08:30am

Rochford Wines, 878-880 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream @ 09:15am

Rydges Carlton, 701 SWANSTON ST, CARLTON @ 08:00am

Rydges Melbourne, 186 EXHIBITION ST, MELBOURNE @ 07:50am

Space Hotel, 380 RUSSELL ST, MELBOURNE @ 07:55am

St Paul’s Cathedral, Cnr SWANSTON ST and FLINDERS ST @ 07:45am

Travelodge Docklands, 66 AURORA LANE, DOCKLANDS @ 07:20am

Travelodge Southbank, 9 RIVERSIDE QUAY, SOUTHBANK @ 07:25am

Urban Central, 334 CITY RD, SOUTHBANK @ 07:30am

Vibe Savoy, 630 LITTLE COLLINS ST (stand on corner) @ 07:23am

Yarra Valley – Coldstream Brewery, 694 MAROONDAH HIGHWAY  @ 09:00am

YHA Melbourne Central, 562 FLINDERS ST, MELBOURNE @ 07:35am


At Autopia Tours we actively promote the protection of flora and fauna on our Yarra Valley Wine Tour.  It is our duty to ensure there is minimal disturbance to the region and the species that call it home.  Cultural sensitivity and respect for the traditional owners should also be shown at all times.

Part of our responsibility is educating guests on minimal impact practices and the importance of ensuring the safety of wildlife and the environmental sustainability of the destinations we visit.

1. Autopia Tours would like to begin by paying our respects to the traditional owners of this country, with specific acknowledgement to the Yarra Yarra and Wurrundjeri people.  Please be conscious and respectful of the sensitivities of indigenous culture and the spiritual connection they have with the land at all times.

2. All our guides carry a current Level 2 First Aid certificate. Please report any accident or illness to your tour guide.  We recommend anyone with an existing medical condition to carry their medication with them on tour and to notify their tour guide at the beginning of the tour.

3. All buses are fitted with waste bins. No organic waste should be disposed of onto the ground. Although organic, items such as banana peels, apple cores, bread and other food scraps, are not natural/native to the region and can introduce pest species, diseases or harm to wildlife if found and eaten.

4. Autopia Tours promote the responsible service and consumption of alcohol and request that guests drink responsibly. As this is a wine tasting tour, we recommend guests use public transport to and from their pickup and drop off points, or organise a designated driver for the day.

5. The natural behaviours of wildlife are to be respected and not interfered with. When viewing wildlife, people should take care to avoid rapid or sudden movements, which could frighten the animal, and should keep noise to a minimum and refrain from touching, petting or feeding all wildlife including birds. Contact with people can introduce diseases to wildlife and can cause them to become aggressive.

6. People should remain on designated walking tracks, behind safety barriers/fences and follow all directions given by the guide/tour leader. Venturing off these can alter fragile ecosystems and can harm wildlife shelters and native vegetation.  There are other dangers to be aware of too, such as cliff edges, unstable rock formations, overhanging tree branches and slippery ground cover.

7. Wildlife should not be handled or fed, unless by certified wildlife handlers.  Feeding wildlife can alter their natural foraging behaviour and can lead to disease or illness through contact with people and the introduction of foods that are harmful to their digestive system.

8. No flora or fauna should be removed from their natural setting. This includes dead wood, fallen leaves, flowers and so forth, as they form part of the ecosystem of the region and their removal could cause disturbance.

9. Wildlife that appears to be in distress, injured or in danger should be reported immediately to the appropriate authority, such as your Guide/Tour Leader, a National Park Ranger, Visitor Centre Staff or Wildlife Victoria RescuePh:1300 094 535.

10. If you are a smoker! We ask you to refrain from smoking whilst in the company of other passengers and limit it to designated smoking areas. Smoking is not permitted on any of our vehicles, or in any type of accommodation including permanent campsites. We make frequent ‘comfort stops’ to allow free time for guests but cannot guaranteed smoke breaks. Please ensure you dispose of your cigarette butt responsibly and appropriately.

11. Bring a water bottle with you on our Yarra Valley Wine Tours. Purchasing bottled water contributes large amounts of plastic into landfill.  Therefore, we ask guests bring their own bottle, as there is access to water refill stations available on our vehicles.  Please ensure you stay hydrated throughout the tour to reduce the risk of sun exposure and dehydration.

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