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Situated in the southern part of mainland Australia, Victoria, although the smallest, is a paradise state replete with scenic attractions. From oceans and coastlines to mountain ranges and rainforest, from waterfalls and lakes to diverse flora and fauna, and from pristine beaches and rough surfs to alpine plateaus and snow slopes… you name it.
Snow enthusiasts both from within Australia and from around the world flock to the alpine villages and resorts of Victoria during snow season to have fun and adventure in its snow and ski resorts.
Here are some of the top mountain resorts near Melbourne:
Lake Mountain
Take a two-hour drive westward and you will reach Lake Mountain, a snow resort closest to Melbourne. Spend a day to enjoy the snow with your family and friends at Victoria’s most popular skiing destination.
The resort is equipped with modern facilities including a total of 37 kilometres of cross-country ski trails and toboggan slides. You can take a cross-country ski lesson depending on your level or try tobogganing down the slopes. You have plenty of time building a snowman and have snowball fights with friends.
Due to its proximity to Melbourne, expect a lot of people flocking into the resort. Take the chance to meet new friends, have fun in the snow, and enjoy the picturesque mountain views over a glass of wine at the cafe.
Mount Buller
To reach Australia’s premier ski resort, take a three-hour drive from Melbourne and arrive at Mt Buller. It is a favourite destination for ski enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Prepare yourself for the challenging slopes and show your skiing prowess. You will have more time to spend on the slopes with your ski, snowboard, or toboggan.
Mt Buller is equipped with a network of 22 lifts that can move 40,000 people per hour to get access to skiing terrain of more than 300 hectares. Whether you’re a novice skier or a pro, you can choose which difficulty to take. The resort has three terrains,two toboggan parks, and a cross-country course.
Activities are aplenty in the resort. There are skiing and snowboarding competitions for you to sign up. You can explore the mountain on a sled dog tour with the hardworking huskies and have a view of the mountain through a chairlift ride. Or enjoy the mountain views over a shot of alcohol in a bar. There are over a dozen bars and restaurants on the mountain to choose from.
Mount Stirling
Hit the road on a 3-hour ride from Melbourne or a 30-minute drive from Mount Buller to Mount Stirling, a 3000-hectare snow resort, and enjoy a true alpine experience. Explore the mountain’s over 68 kilometres of trails through the woodlands.
Hit the snow on a ski or snowboard for a backcountry. For a breathtaking view of the alpine landscape you can climb up the summit, and from there you take an adventurous descent on the slopes on a ski.
The mountain has three tobogganing areas for a family to enjoy and have fun in the snow. You can sign up for some ski lessons or you can do snow camping with your family. There are camping facilities available as well as dedicated ski patrol services.
Mount Baw Baw
Take a two and a half-hour scenic drive from Melbourne to Mt Baw Baw. The ski resort is family-friendly where kids can play in the snow on toboggan, snowboard, or ski. Kids and adults alike can sign up for skiing and snowboarding lessons. They can also explore the backcountry terrain with huskies on a dog sled tour.
The mountain resort has accommodation facilities as well as restaurants, bars, and spas. Or visit the Rock Pool Spa to calm your mind and body. You can unwind the night away in a bar after a day of having fun in the snow.
Mt Baw Baw’s relaxed environment is a perfect place to spend your holiday and to have fun in the snow with your family. It also has a very active nightlife.
Mount Buffalo
Hit the snow on a ski and explore 10 kilometres of marked and 20 kilometres of unmarked ski trails on Mount Buffalo National Park’s sub-alpine hills and plateau. Take a cross-country journey on a ski or snowboard, or toboggan with your family on the slopes.
There are two tobogganing and snowboarding areas on Mount Buffalo where your family can enjoy the snow. At Dingo Dell you can relax in a cafe, take a ski lesson, or play with the snow. And 3 kilometres further is Cresta Valley where you can slide on its slopes on snowboard or toboggan and cross-country ski trails.
You can also explore the alps on a local tour, try a snowshoe shuffle, or interact with local skiing experts for some tips. Have a snow camp at the campground near the beautiful Lake Catani or a bush camp at the campground on Mount McLeod.
Take a 357-kilometer drive from Melbourne to Hotham on a holiday or a day trip to one of the highest alpine villages in Australia. Have fun in the snow on a ski, snowboard, or toboggan. Hit a cross country, a biathlon, or ski at night. And if there remains a child in you, you can try with other kids the mini snowmobiles.
The resort is equipped with modern facilities. It has a network of 13 lifts that can carry up to more than 24,000 visitors on a two-and-a-half-kilometre ride uphill. There are restaurants and bars that offer a range of delectable food and drinks, and spas where you can relax your body and have a treat.
The difficulty of the slopes caters both beginner and pro skiers. Skiing lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are also available. There are a lot of activities you can do on the mountain. You can tour around the mountain with huskies on a sled dog tour, take a helicopter ride to have a bird’s eye view of the mountain, or sit in a bar with a bottle of beer and enjoy the picturesque alpine views.

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