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Things to do in Port Stephens

Life in a metropolitan setting is oftentimes stressful. A lot of factors contribute to stress. There include work environment, daily commute, and political intoxicants. In such a case, you may need a place to unwind, somewhere to have a short excursion. The beach could be that place where you can relax and compose yourself.
Speaking of the beach, Australia has plenty of beaches, and many of these beaches are gems. If you happened to be in Sydney you may consider taking a 2-hour drive to Port Stephens. It is a great place to relax, unwind, and refresh your spirit.
Located 160 kilometres east of Sydney, Port Stephens is a natural harbour. It is a beach paradise unparalleled in New South Wales. Over 20 pristine and sandy beaches peppered its 113-kilometre coastline.
Port Stephens showcases its crystal-clear blue waters and a rich marine biodiversity. Facing the South Pacific Ocean, this 98,000-hectare marine park harbours a diverse marine life. Many of its over 200 different marine species living in its sanctuaries are endemic. Some are endangered and protected.
Dolphin watching
Protected fish species in the waters of Nelson Bay include the bottlenose dolphins, grey nurse sharks, and humpback whales. They make Port Stephens attractive and a fun destination for marine life enthusiasts. Divers and snorkelers are welcome to peek into its robust underwater biodiversity.
Dolphin-watching onboard an ocean cruise is a popular daily tourist activity. There are more than 140 dolphins living in the Port Stephens community.
Swimming with the dolphins or watching them onboard Moonshadow TQC-Cruises would be fun. The live onboard commentary helps passengers understand the dolphins and other fish species in Nelson Bay.
Whale-watching on selected vantage points is also a sought-after experience. Between the months of May and November, migrating whales can be seen in selected areas and vantage points.
Swimming in the blue waters
Port Stephens has a myriad of beaches to stay cool and have fun in its turquoise waters.
The beaches to choose from are aplenty. The choice ranges from family-friendly ones to strong surf beaches for adventurers.
The clear, sapphire blue waters of Nelson Bay would sure be a great place to take a dip. Family-friendly beaches include Birubi Beach, Nelson Bay Beach, Fingal Bay, Anna Bay, and One Mile Beach.
For adventurous surfers, Zenith Beach, Samurai Beach, Wreck Beach, and Box Beach are a few of the surf beaches to explore and test your mettle.
Sandboarding in the towering sand dunes is worth a try after dipping in the crystal-clear waters of Stockton Beach. If you found yourself in the middle of the sand dunes, all you see is sand under the sun and the sea on the horizon.
You could also opt to ride the camel or a horse to cross from one end to the other end of this 32-kilometre stretch of sands.
Viewing the South Pacific Ocean vistas
Climb up Tomaree Head to see some wild animals and native plants and to have a nice view of Port Stephens. Or you could cross the Fingal Spit sandbar at Fingal Bay to reach Port Stephens Lighthouse. At the lighthouse, you can enjoy the amazing ocean views of the South Pacific.
These are only some of the top fun activities to do in Port Stephens. And there’s some more places and things to explore in this beach paradise.
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A family enjoys whale and dolphin cruise at Nelson Bay, Port Stephens