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Waterfalls dotted the rainforest and mountainous terrains of Victoria from the eastern regions of Gippsland and the Yarra Ranges to the Otways on the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians in the west.

Cascading waters are a beauty so raw and natural, and the serenity they bring calms and soothes the senses.   

Take a nature walk to the majestic Steavenson Falls, 4 kilometers southeast of Marysville near Lake Mountain on eastern Victoria, the waterfall has a rejuvenating effect on both body and mind.

One of the highest waterfalls in Victoria with five cascades over a 122-meter descent into Steavenson River, the falls is a famous tourist attraction receiving over 180,000 visitors every year.

The beauty and the soothing effect of the cascading waters plus the chirping of the birds on tree branches made Steavenson Falls a favorite paradise for nature lovers.  

Seated 758 meters above sea level, Keppel Falls on the Taggerty River near Lake Mountain is one of the high-elevation waterfalls in Victoria. The falls located 8.2 kilometers from Marysville is estimated to be between 32 meters and 51 meters high. Aside from the beautiful cascades, you can also spot some birds in the area.

Also, near Marysville is hidden the lesser known Cora Lynn Falls just 13 kilometers from the town. Then, there’s Snobs Creek Falls, a beautiful cascading waterfall surrounded by green trees just an hour drive away from Steavenson Falls.

Travel to the Gippsland region, around 6 kilometers near Noojee the Toorongo Falls Reserve where the beautiful Toorongo Falls lay hidden. The falling water on the rocky 30-meter cliff creates a beautiful music in the midst of a lush rainforest which is home to different species of wild animals and birds. The waters fall to Little Toorongo River flowing toward the Gippsland Lakes. There’s a walking track, a 2-kilometer loop that connects with the neighboring Amphitheater Falls, a 5-meter high waterfall.       

A famous attraction for lovers of nature and history, Woolshed Falls is at Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park. Just a 10-minute drive from Beechworth, the area used to be a goldfield. The cascades created by the falling waters off the cliff are simply satisfying to watch. Enjoy the natural surroundings and have a picnic by the banks of Woolshed Falls.     

Visit the town of Beechworth and you will catch a glimpse of Newtown Falls. There are picnic spots where you can have a nice view of the cascading waterfalls. A scenic drive from Gorge Road will reward you with this gorgeous sight of falling waters near a bridge off the main road. 

With the elevation of about 158 meters above sea level, Agnes Falls is estimated to be between 47 to 62 meters high. It is located 4.5 kilometers away from the village of Toora in the Gippsland region southeast of Melbourne. While at Agnes Falls you can enjoy bird watching. Hundreds of species of birds reside in the area. 

On the Otways, there’s Hopetoun Falls on the Aire River seated 314-meter above sea level. The waterfall is between 46 and 49 meters high and boasts of impressive cascades of falling waters off the steep cliff 14 kilometers near the resort town of Apollo Bay.

Another beauty hidden deep in the Otways 13 kilometers from Apollo Bay on Aire River is Beauchamp Falls. Elevated 383 meters above sea level, the waterfall is around 26 meters high. View the water cascades that veiled the rock as the waters fall into the bottom pool.

On Erskine River near the picturesque town of Lorne is the beautiful Erskine Falls, a 57-meter high waterfall seated 338 meters above sea level. Other waterfalls found in the Otways on the Great Ocean Road are the Triplet Falls, Hopkins Falls, Carisbrook Falls, Sheoak Falls, Kalimna Falls, and Phantom Falls.

Off to the Grampians west of Victoria are the majestic waterfalls in MacKenzie Falls, Nigretta Falls, Silverband Falls, and much more. The most popular of them is Mackenzie Falls, and it is also the largest in the area with a year-round flowing waterway. A major attraction in the Grampians, the waterfall and its surrounding areas offer stunning landscapes and mountain views.  

Another impressive waterfall in the Grampians is Wannon Falls 20 kilometers from Hamilton. A perfect natural wonder, the rock structures of the falls are a result of basalt lava flow creating spectacular cascades of rushing waters. Hiking up from Wannon Falls you will reach Nigretta Falls that was formerly called Upper Wannon Falls. The flowing waters cascading over the rocks plunging down to the bottom pool create a picturesque impression.    

Then there’s Bridal Veil Falls on the east side of the Grampians that boasts of a 60-meter water descent creating an enchanting veil-like mist. One of the popular waterfalls in the Grampians near Halls Gap is Silverband Falls. The falls is popular with couples who posed for photos with the waterfall as a backdrop. Then there’s Fish Falls, 2 kilometers near the Zumsteins Picnic Area. It has 60 meters of descent as the waters rush, plunging into the bottom pool. Other waterfalls in the Grampians near Halls Gap are Beehive Falls and the spectacular Clematis Falls.

Visiting all the waterfalls in Victoria would be a great challenge worthy to be included in your bucket list.