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Tour Code: AT-1EX

Operates: Daily

Departs:  Melbourne 1:30pm (approx)

Returns:  Melbourne 9pm-12pm (approx)
*Pickup & Drop Off time is seasonal due to daylight savings

Max Passengers:  14

$130A – $100C

Terms & Conditions

  • Entry into the Penguin Parade Tours

  • Small Group Touring Experience

  • Informative Tour Commentary

  • Professional Driver/Guide

  • Departs from Rendezvous Hotel, 328 Flinders St, Melbourne

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Witness one of Australia’s most spectacular wildlife experiences on our small group Penguin Parade Tour, a delightful half day activity for the whole family.  Express from Melbourne out to the Phillip Island Nature Parks where you see watch the cute little Penguins waddle ashore at sunset.



$130 Adult – $100 Child









1/2 Day Penguin Parade Tour

See the famous Penguin Parade of Phillip Island in this fantastic half day express tour. Penguin Parade tour travelling out from Melbourne, we head straight out to Phillip Island, where you will pass through the iconic town of San Remo before driving past Australia’s Motorcycle Grand Prix track.

Once you have arrived at the Penguin Parade tour, you will have some time to enjoy the Visitors Information Centre, which will give you an interesting insight into the little penguins of Phillip Island. While here, you will also have an opportunity to grab some food before heading down to the shores to see the Penguin Parade.

Find a comfortable place along the foreshore and wait in anticipation as the world’s smallest penguins start to waddle their way to shore. After witnessing the penguins parade storm the beach, head over to the boardwalks to gain a closer view before boarding the bus and heading back to Melbourne.

Detailed of  Penguin Parade Tour Afternoon Express

Watch the spectacle happening in Phillip Island as the Little Penguins waddle off the surf back to their burrows. Bask in the experience of the amazing Phillip Island sunset and wonderful ocean views. Bring your family and join us in our small group Penguin Parade Tour. It is guaranteed to be a half-day full of fun.      

From Melbourne, we drive directly to the Phillip Island Nature Parks to see the famous penguin parade that happens daily all year round. On our way to the Phillip Island be always on the lookout for some Australian wildlife. You may spot the cuddly koalas or some kangaroos having fun on the side streets. After passing through the iconic San Remo fishing village, we wind our way to view the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix Track.

Upon arrival at Phillip Island, we head straight to the award-winning Visitors Information Center. There we will provide you some fun and interesting facts about the Little Penguins of Phillip Island. We spend the day at the visitors center waiting for the sunset, anticipating the magical entry of the Little Penguins parading back to their homes after the day’s fishing expedition, the heart and soul of penguin parade tour.

You can also grab some food while waiting for the sunset and the day’s rock stars! We guide you in finding comfortable seats along the foreshore. After the penguin parade, we stroll down the boardwalks and get a closer view. Then we board the bus back to Melbourne.   

“Fairy penguins” as they are called in Australia because of their size — about 43 cm tall and 1 kg in weight, the Little Penguins (eudyptula minor) are the world’s smallest penguin species. You can find them in the coastal areas of southern Australia and New Zealand. You can also encounter them in shores of Tasmania and the Chatham Islands. Living in large colonies they have made Phillip Island as their home. There are over 32,000 of them living in the island. And they pay no taxes!   

In New Zealand, these little mates are called Blue Penguins because of the color of their plumage which is indigo-blue. They’re also called Korora in Maori. But what do you call ten penguins walking along the city streets asking for direction? Lost!

Little Penguins are loyal to their partners. Yes, they’re monogamous. When Mr. Penguin loves Mrs. Penguin he loves her alone and there’s no other. A female penguin is smaller than the males — and their average lifespan is 6.5 years, and they start breeding at the age of 3 or 4. Little Penguins feed on fresh seafood such as fish and squid. They have mastered the art of fishing, and they can even dive up to 2 meters deep. Do you know why penguins carry fish in their beaks? Because they’re lazy enough to bring buckets! 

Penguin parade tours are a favorite pastime if you happened to be in Melbourne. It is hard to get over with the cute little penguins doing their ritual every sundown. The parade seems to be well practiced. They come out of the surf in small groups, sense whether there are predators, and then waddle in the sandy beach toward their burrows in the dunes. But they don’t care really about you having fun watching them. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join our Penguin Parade Tour. Enjoy the company of your family and friends. It’s all about the cute penguins!

Make the most of your time at the information center you can learn a lot more about the penguins, seals, other sea creatures, and the island’s wildlife. We encourage you to become responsible tourists, individuals who care for nature and for the preservation of the natural environment for the future. This penguin parade tour is not your ordinary tour. It is also a tour to understand our roles as stewards of the natural world.

Inclusive of this penguin parade tour are all the entry fees. We will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the same hotel. An informative, entertaining, and friendly tour guide will accompany you along the way.

Wear your sense of adventure and fun. Make yourself comfortable and be ready for the ride! 

Lunch and Dinner (at own expense)
Penguins Plus Viewing Platform (P+) + $30
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Hat
  • Warm clothing
  • Camera
  • Money for Food and Beverages
  • Rain Jacket (just in case)

Please contact us for your pickup location and time from Rendezvous Hotel 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne.


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 1 reviews
by Stephan, Germany on Penguin Parade Tour
1/2 day penguin parade tours

“I went with Autopia to Penguin Parade Tours and really liked it. The tour guide Simon was really experienced and spontaneous enough to make a stops, when one of us spotted a wallaby on the way. The island is really beautiful and the Penguin Parade is an absolute highlight.”

At Autopia Tours we actively promote the protection of flora and fauna on our Penguin Parade Tours.  It is our duty to ensure there is minimal disturbance to the region and the species that call it home.  Cultural sensitivity and respect for the traditional owners should also be shown at all times.

Part of our responsibility is educating guests on minimal impact practices and the importance of ensuring the safety of wildlife and the environmental sustainability of the destinations we visit.

Key-No-Photography1. Sorry! No photography or filming is permitted at the Penguin Parade.  Penguins have sensitive eyes and a bright, sudden flash or unusual light can frighten or disorientate a penguin. To ensure penguins keep coming back to this special area we ask you do not use your cameras, camcorders or camera phones at the Penguin Parade.

2. Autopia Tours would like to begin by paying our respects to the traditional owners of this country, with specific acknowledgement to the Boonwurrung people.  Please be conscious and respectful of the sensitivities of indigenous culture and the spiritual connection they have with the land at all times.

3. All our guides carry a current Level 2 First Aid certificate. Please report any accident or illness to your tour guide.  We recommend anyone with an existing medical condition to carry their medication with them on tour and to notify their tour guide at the beginning of the tour.

4. All buses are fitted with waste bins. No organic waste should be disposed of onto the ground. Although organic, items such as banana peels, apple cores, bread and other food scraps, are not natural/native to the region and can introduce pest species, diseases or harm to wildlife if found and eaten.

5. The natural behaviours of wildlife are to be respected and not interfered with. When viewing wildlife, people should take care to avoid rapid or sudden movements, which could frighten the animal, and should keep noise to a minimum and refrain from touching, petting or feeding all wildlife including birds. Contact with people can introduce diseases to wildlife and can cause them to become aggressive.

6. Please respect that although the penguins of Phillip Island have become accustomed to human presence, they are still wild animals and should be given space. We ask that our guests respect Nature Parks’ guidelines for the penguin viewing experience, as these are in place for the safety and comfort of guests and the penguins.

7. People should remain on designated walking tracks, behind safety barriers/fences and follow all directions given by the guide/tour leader. Venturing off these can alter fragile ecosystems and can harm wildlife shelters and native vegetation.  There are other dangers to be aware of too, such as cliff edges, unstable rock formations, overhanging tree branches and slippery ground cover.  The Nobbies region on Phillip Island is a nesting area for many seabirds and can experience large and unexpected wave action also.

8. Wildlife should not be handled or fed, unless by certified wildlife handlers.  Feeding wildlife can alter their natural foraging behaviour and can lead to disease or illness through contact with people and the introduction of foods that are harmful to their digestive system.

9. No flora or fauna should be removed from their natural setting. This includes dead wood, fallen leaves, flowers and so forth, as they form part of the ecosystem of the region and their removal could cause disturbance.

10. Wildlife that appears to be in distress, injured or in danger should be reported immediately to the appropriate authority, such as your Guide/Tour Leader, a National Park Ranger, Visitor Centre Staff or Wildlife Victoria Rescue Ph:1300 094 535.

11. If you are a smoker! We ask you to refrain from smoking whilst in the company of other passengers and not whilst at the penguin parade as this is a protected wildlife sanctuary.  Smoking is not permitted on any of our vehicles, or in any type of accommodation including permanent campsites. We make frequent ‘comfort stops’ to allow free time for guests but cannot guaranteed smoke breaks. Please ensure you dispose of your cigarette butt responsibly and appropriately.

12. Bring a water bottle with you on our Penguin Parade Tours. Purchasing bottled water contributes large amounts of plastic into landfill.  Therefore, we ask guests to bring their own bottle, as there is access to water refill stations available on our vehicles.  Please ensure you stay hydrated throughout the tour to reduce the risk of sun exposure and dehydration.

Learn more about EcoTourism: https://www.ecotourism.org.au/

Adult Fares

  • 1/2 Day Penguin Parade Tours Afternoon Express
  • Adult prices apply from 13yrs and above

Child Fares

  • 1/2 Day Penguin Parade Tours Afternoon Express
  • Child prices apply from 4 to 12yrs old
  • Infants not included
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