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Pinnacles Desert | Nambung National Park

Pinnacles Tour from Perth

There is more to the pinnacles than meets the eye. At a glance, the idea of driving 200km North of Perth to see some rocks in the middle of the desert does not sound like the most enticing way to spend a day off. However, there are many reasons to visit and many ways to make this experience fun; to pause, reflect, and escape whilst appreciating a place of historical significance. Pack a picnic and put on your trainers and enjoy this unique corner of the world.

These ‘rocks’ are ancient desert sculptures, limestones in different formations that rise out of yellow sand dunes. Situated at the Nambung National Park, it is a unique opportunity to get up close to these wild wonders and marvel at its natural beauty. Dating back millions of years, these geological creatures age as enigmatically as it is beautiful. Beyond appreciating these weathered rocks, there are a plethora of ways to make the visit magical. Stop at the ‘Discovery Centre’ which is one of the most well curated gallery and souvenir centres to nerd out at. Read up on competing theories on how these limestones were formed and stock up on some Quandong jam, an Aboriginal fruit known for its almost medicinal Vitamin C content.

Frolic through the thousands of Pinnacles scattered across the desert whilst basking in their eerily structured presence until you reach the lookout. Perched above the desert with perfect vision of the unique limestones and the Indian Ocean, watch the sun set an ablaze of colours over the spectacular desert landscape hanging off the pristine coastline. At once moving and idyllic, it is this moment that makes you remember why you came. The combination of the sky, ocean, sand and rocks blend and tower over each other like a perfect postcard. Channel the photographer in you and snap up that magical hour between sunset and darkness. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the moment and capture instagram-worthy memories before the night seizes upon you. It’s a feast for the eyes and the lens.