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If you’re in Australia’s Northern Territory, you can’t miss out on a trip to Kakadu National Park. Kakadu National Park is such an important landmark that it was added as a World Heritage Site in 1981. You’ll find it 240 kilometres north of Darwin. To get to Kakadu you will need to hire a car or you may wish to consider a 1 day Kakadu tour. With 20,000 square kilometres of nature’s finest, this is Australia’s largest terrestrial national park. Whether you’re in search of exciting wildlife, gorgeous plant life, or you want to check out the Aboriginal rock paintings, you’ll find it all here.

Based on changes in weather and plant life, Kakadu National Park’s Aboriginal owners have determined there are six different seasons here, ranging in length from just one month-long to three months long. No matter what season the park is in when you’re visiting, there will always be plenty of things to do in Kakadu National Park. If you want to make the most out of your experience, you should research what plants will be flowering so you know what you’ll be looking at.

Flora and Fauna in Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park has incredible biological diversity. There are over 2000 different plant species! Not only is it exciting to see all the different plants, but it’s also a way you can experience Aboriginal culture. For millennia, Aboriginal people have been using these plants for medicines, food, and even weaving materials. Some of the most beloved plants include water lilies and spear grass.

From land to sea to sky, Kakadu National Park is an animal lover’s dream. When it comes to birds, there are nearly 300 different species here! The barking owls, magpie geese, and red-tailed black cockatoos will keep every avid birdwatcher busy.

Some of Kakadu’s best offerings for mammals include various kinds of wallabies, dingoes, and black fruit bats. There are dozens of species of fish, thousands of species of insects and invertebrates, and an abundance of frogs. While there are over 100 types of reptiles in Kakadu National Park, the most notable, of course, is the world’s largest reptile: the crocodile. To see all of Kakadu’s wildlife we recommend private tours of Kakadu National Park

You can learn about the abundant plant and wildlife in the park by stopping at the Bowali Visitor Centre before you begin your exploration. While you’re there, make sure you check out the Aboriginal art.

Activities to Enjoy in Kakadu National Park

Maybe you want fewer things to see and more things to do in Kakadu National Park. If that’s the case, make sure you plan ahead for Gunlom Plunge Pool. This clear rock pool was made famous by the classic film Crocodile Dundee. If you want a more secluded swimming hole, you might be more excited by Maguk (also known as Barramundi Gorge) which is located on the southern edge of the park through the monsoon rainforest.

If you aren’t interested in swimming, you can enjoy one of over 30 established walking trails in Kakadu. These trails range from easy walking ground to more intense workouts. You can also enjoy the sea life in Kakadu by heading out on a boat on the water or even by fishing on the shore. It’s easy to connect with nature here! A great way to see all of this is to book one of our Darwin tours

Book Your Trip to Kakadu National Park with Autopia Tours

Since there’s so much to see here, you’ll get the most out of your experience if you’re on a guided tour with someone that knows the nature of Kakadu National Park. This is exactly what you can expect if you book a day trip with Autopia Tours. We can’t wait for you to experience a Kakadu tour and all its majesty for the first time!