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Grampians | Autopia Tours

“In the woods, we return to reason and faith,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A journey into the heart of the Grampians is like a journey back to the primal self where you are one with nature. It is a journey where you have the luxury of time to reflect in silence about nature’s relationship with humanity in general. So vast, so grand, so magnificent. You could not help yourself but be amazed by its grandeur and get drowned in its beauty.

The impression the spectacular mountain views of rugged ranges, rough hills, rocky cliffs, and canyons bring will stay forever etched in memory. Nature draws us closer to itself leaving us with questions like how infinitesimal being we are in comparison to the vastness of the plains on the horizon or to the lengths of the Grampians’ waterways leading to the lakes, then flowing down south into the ocean.

The seeming bleak plains on the horizon you see when standing on the Boroka Lookout host a rich biodiversity teeming with lush vegetation and robust wildlife. The forested hills, the woodland plains, and the grassy fields are home to various species of birds and wild animals of which many of them are native to the region. They are the marsupials and monotremes, avians and fowls, reptiles and amphibians, and fishes and crustaceans that can be found only in Australia.

As you look up, on the forks and branches of eucalyptus trees are the koalas lazily dozing off or chomping on the leaves amid the singing of native birds playing nature tunes. Birds of various species display their many different colours and raise their different voices. Some are loud and some silent as they court each other. Crickets made rhythmical noises with the cicadas keeping on singing their songs of their sleepless nights.

Kangaroos, wallabies, deer, and goats roam freely. They graze on the grasslands with the giant’s birds in the emus, ostriches, and cassowaries. Dingoes, foxes, and wild cats wander in the wild searching for prey while the bandicoots and potoroos carefully navigate the bushlands.

The majestic waterfalls and impressive waterways flowing into the valleys down to the lakes are also home to native fish, amphibians, crustaceans, and reptiles.

Mackenzie Falls located very near Halls Gap, the largest and the most visited waterfalls in the Grampians, displays a scenic beauty comparable to none, so unique and majestic. Listening to the soothing sound of the waters cascading over the cliff into the bottom pool in concert with the chirping of birds in the air would make you sway with the tree branches and the leaves of grass softly blown by nature’s breeze.

Experiencing the Grampians is beyond ordinary offering you some of the stunning views that detail the contours of its landscape, nature in its raw beauty, and vigorous biodiversity.

It is not only an ode to nature but also an invitation for you to experience the Grampians. See, hear, and feel the nature because as Emerson said, “Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.”


By Kelvene Requiroso, content writer and member of the SEO team of the Melbourne-based Get Lost Travel Group.