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3 Reasons why you should visit the Grampians if you’re in Melbourne

Grampians Tour

The Grampians National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and a must-see for anyone visiting Melbourne. Also known as Gariwerd in local Indigenous languages, the park is only a three hour drive away from Melbourne’s CBD, and its striking sandstone mountain ranges provide a gorgeous contrast to the flat plains that surround it.

The Grampians can also offer visitors a taste of everything, from multi-day hikes to scenic drives and lookout points primed for your perfect selfie. Its vast and striking landscape will leave you spoilt for choice, and matter what you do choose, you’re bound to leave with a plan for that next trip already stirring away in your head.

So to start with, here are our picks for three spots that you absolutely cannot miss.

  • Boroka Lookout

When you first arrive at The Grampians, you’ll almost definitely pull into a little town wedged in the park’s central valley called Halls Gap. Up at the Boroka Lookout, you’ll be able to look down the town, the mountains around it, and the dam that feeds it all in one sweeping view. Under a clear sky, the combination of rock patterns and vegetation in the area make a striking combination of colours and texture that will please any budding photographer. For everyone else, breathing in the fresh mountain air while watching visitors come and go through Halls Gap is a great way to unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains.

  • The Balconies

About a two kilometre walk from the parking lot at Reed’s Lookout (a gem of the park in its own right), this spot provides a gorgeous panoramic view of the Victoria Valley. It’s most distinct feature, however, will be in view much closer to you. A natural rock formation that protrudes from the cliff gives The Balconies their name, and is a stalwart of any visit to The Grampians. If you can time it right, the Balconies are also great for sunset views or misty mountain mornings.

  • Mackenzie Falls

An icon of the national park, Mackenzie Falls rests under a steep staircase built into the rosy cliffs that surround it. Take a moment here to watch the water cascading down those cliffs into the natural rock pools around you, and if the sun is out, the rainbows they cast into the air. The area just at the bottom of the stairs can get crowded with visitors, so take a walk downstream if you’re after a more quiet spot, and a beautiful view of the valley before you.