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Located on the southwestern shores of Victoria, Port Campbell’s limestone coasts have become a favourite tourist stop. Thanks to the iconic limestone stacks off its shores and the picturesque 12 Apostles sunset.

12 Apostles at sunset

There’s something in the sunset that captivates the human eyes – the changing colours, the beauty, the symbolism. Not the mention the relaxing atmosphere that gives a signal to the body to rest for the night. It is just a natural body response to the pattern of nature. Nightfall signifies rest and sleep.
Today’s world loves wakefulness and speed. We want to get things done immediately. We rush. And modern cities around the world do not sleep – from Tokyo to New York, from London to Sydney, from Sao Paolo to Manila, from Beijing to Melbourne.
Since the invention of electricity cities around the world become the cities of light. Most of us are awake through the night. Artificial light makes the night time just like daytime. There’s almost no difference except for the ticking of the clock.
The night is supposed to be dark. And witnessing the transition between day and night is one of the things a lot of people have missed because of the busyness of the kind of life they have chosen to live. But when you listen to nature and return to the simple joys of watching the sunset on the horizon, you begin to rethink how meaningful and fulfilling it is to re-examine our relationship with nature.
It would also be a refreshing experience to simply sit down, watch the sunset, feel the warmth and the colours, and reflect on the day’s productivity.

Sunset at the 12 Apostles

Now pair that relaxing late afternoon with some amazing landscape and ocean views. That’s what you get when you visit Port Campbell.
Off the shores stand the eight limestone stacks, collectively known as the 12 Apostles. These stone pillars have been carved by nature through thousands of years, thanks to the daily bashing of the sea and wind. Weathering is responsible for the soil erosion that helped formed the apostles of Port Campbell.
As the sun slowly sinks into the Southern Ocean, it hides behind the 12 Apostles, colouring the scenery with lively hues that evoke the senses with a mystical charm. It’s the hour when the sky and the sun unite with the earth and the ocean – and changing hues all around. There is tranquillity and there is quietness. The stillness overwhelms the chaos of the rugged surf.
With scenic landscape and seascape at the backdrop, you could reflect about the enchanting beauty of the scenery. Or, simply enjoy the experience and get captivated by the charm and the aesthetics of the divine work of art.
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