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Tour Code: AT-9YY

Operates: Wed, Sat

Max Passengers: 10

Meeting Point: Immigration Museum (corner Flinders & Market St)

Summer Pickups: (Oct-Mar) @ 7:30am/14:00pm

Winter Pickups: (Apr-Sep) @ 10:00am/16:30pm



  • Mountain Bike YouYangs Bush Adventure

  • Quality bike & helmet Included

  • National Park Entry Fees 

  • Lunch & Water

  • Friendly Informative Driver/Guide

  • Inner City Pick-up and Drop-off

Key-Pickup Key-Comfort Key-Meals Key-Koala Key-Bike



$180 (summer only)


Looking for adventure and a fun filled day out, they come join our Mountain Bike You Yangs Bush Adventure tour. Come explore this true hidden gem located just outside Melbourne halfway to Geelong.  Why not come and join us for an exhilarating day out in one of Victoria’s true hidden gem the You Yangs Regional Park, these granite peaks rise from the flat volcanic farm plains.  Popular for magnificent views, bushwalking, wildlife viewing opportunities and awesome mountain bike trails that caters for all abilities.












  • 1 Tour + Eureka & Edge Exp (AT-9YYET) = $145, save $25.
  • 2 Tours +Eureka & Edge Exp (MEP) = $235, save $72.

 1 Day Mountain Bike YouYangs Bush Adventure Tour

Departing from the Regent Theatre, an airconditioned bus transports the group over the Westgate Bridge directly to the world class biking trails. The morning begins with a safety skills briefing and an opportunity to test out your new ride.  Once everyone’s confidence is pumping we ride through the Kurrajong Mountain bike trail to explore the scenic terrain.

After our morning pedal, we stop for lunch at the foothills of the You Yangs Regional Park and rest before heading out to the adventurous Stockyard bike trails for a more challenging downhill track and ride around the surrounding volcanic plains.  Keep your eyes peeled as the You Yangs are home to many native flora and fauna species, including thirty species of orchids as well as koalas, kangaroos and echidnas on this Mountain Bike YouYangs Bush Adventure.

** This tour is not suitable for children under the age of 15 years old.


Koala Clancy Foundation


Autopia Tours is a proud sponsor of the Koala Clancy Foundation, proceeds from every mountain bike tour sold go direct to the foundation. This Australian Not-For-Profit is passionate about caring for koalas in the wild by protecting their environment. Help us to make a difference for the future of koalas and the destinations we visit!



  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat & Sunglasses
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Closed shoes with tread
  • Snacks to nibble on
  • Camera

Mountain Bike YouYangs Bush Adventure Meeting Point: Immigration Museum – East Side (corner Flinders & Market St).

  • Summer Pickup Times (Oct – Mar) Departs: 07:30am – Returns: 14:00pm
  • Winter Pickup Times (Apr – Sep) Departs: 10:00am – Returns: 16:30pm

**Must be at pickup location 10 minutes prior to departure


“Awesome day in the nature & good workout”  Daniel D – Rotterdam

“Amazing day out!  Paul was out guide and he was absolutely fantastic. Created a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere in our small group and made sure that more confident bikers had enough challenges throughout the day whilst ensuring the less experienced had a top time as well! 100% recommend!” Sadant – Sydney

Acknowledgement, Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release from Liability  

Please Note: You will receive a copy of this document to sign when you board the bus on the day of the tour.

In consideration of my application for participation on a tour with Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures, I understand that I am legally responsible for myself and I for myself, my heirs, executors, successors and assigns, HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures, their agents, employees, servants and representatives of and from all claims, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of actions whether in law or equity, in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to my person or my or property howsoever caused, arising or to arise by reasons of my participating in the tour, whether prior to, during or subsequent to the tour AND NOTWITHSTANDING that the same may have been contributed to or caused by negligence of Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures, its agents, employees, servants or representatives.

I FURTHER UNDERTAKE TO HOLD AND SAVE HARMLESS and AGREE TO IDEMNIFY all the aforesaid form and against any and all liability incurred by any or all of them, arising as a result of or in any way connected with my participation in the tour. I also hereby acknowledge that there are inherent risks and dangers associated with mountain biking and riding on and off road. I understand that participating in an Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures guided tour involves mountain biking on bush tracks and trails, some of which are rugged and on public roads and that I am aware of the hazards involved. The hazards include but are not limited to, trail surfaces such as gravel, mud, grass, rock; obstacles on trails such as rocks, fallen trees, vegetation, animals, water and washouts; steep downhill gradients; river and creek crossings; collision with other clients and general public, vehicles traffic; weather conditions. I agree to fully assume the risks and dangers, regardless of their nature. I also agree to assume solely full responsibility for damages of any nature that I might cause to a third party.

Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures reserves the right to call an Ambulance at the discretion of the guide in charge should they warrant a call necessary. In some cases, parts of the trail are not accessible by ground support and may require an evacuation by air. Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures will not be held liable for any costs incurred or associated by the call out and/or services offered by Ambulance Victoria or relevant services. Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures STRONGLY recommends participants have appropriate travel insurance and/or local ambulance cover.

I acknowledge that Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures reserve the right to alter the advised course if conditions warrant.  In my judgment, I have sufficient competence and experience to participate in this tour safely. I certify that I am physically capable and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.

I agree that if I am supplying my own bike that it is maintained appropriately and regularly and that Autopia Tours/MTB Adventures will not be held accountable or liable for any issues, costs or accidents that arise from any mechanical failures of the bike I have supplied.

I ACKNOWLEDGE HAVING READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREE to this Release, Waiver and Indemnity.  Full Name:  ____________________________________ Todays Date:  ____/____/____   Country:  _______________________________ Age: _________ Date Of Birth:  ____/____/____ 

Do you have a pre existing medical condition or injury that may affect your participation in this activity?       No ☐  Yes (please mention): ______________________________   Are you supplying your own bike? ☐  No ☐  Yes

Signature:  ___________________________________ Guardians Name :________________________________ If under 18, please gain parent/guardian signature. 

How did you find out about Autopia Tours Mountain Bike YouYangs Bush Adventure?       Web Search ☐  Trip Advisor ☐  Social Media ☐  Booking Agent ☐  Other (please list): ______________________

At Autopia Tours we actively promote the protection of flora and fauna on our Mountain Bike YouYangs Bush Adventure.  It is our duty to ensure there is minimal disturbance to the region and the species that call it home.  Cultural sensitivity and respect for the traditional owners should also be shown at all times.

Part of our responsibility is educating guests on minimal impact practices and the importance of ensuring the safety of wildlife and the environmental sustainability of the destinations we visit.

1. Autopia Tours would like to begin by paying our respects to the traditional owners of this country, with specific acknowledgement to the Wathaurong people.  Please be conscious and respectful of the sensitivities of indigenous culture and the spiritual connection they have with the land at all times.

2. All our guides carry a current Wilderness First Aid Victoria certificate. Please report any accident or illness to your tour guide.  We recommend anyone with an existing medical condition to carry their medication with them on tour and to notify their tour guide at the beginning of the tour.

3. All buses are fitted with waste bins.  No organic waste should be disposed of onto the ground. Although organic, items such as banana peels, apple cores, bread and other food scraps, are not natural/native to the region and can introduce pest species, diseases or harm to wildlife if found and eaten.

4. The natural behaviours of wildlife are to be respected and not interfered with. When viewing wildlife, people should take care to avoid rapid or sudden movements, which could frighten the animal, and should keep noise to a minimum and refrain from touching, petting or feeding all wildlife including birds. Contact with people can introduce diseases to wildlife and can cause them to become aggressive.

5. People should remain on designated walking and biking tracks, behind safety barriers/fences and follow all directions given by the guide/tour leader.  Venturing off these can alter fragile ecosystems and can harm wildlife shelters and native vegetation.  There are other dangers to be aware of too, such as cliff edges, unstable rock formations, overhanging tree branches and slippery ground cover.  Venturing off the designated path while biking can lead to injury.

6. Wildlife should not be handled or fed, unless by certified wildlife handlers.  Feeding wildlife can alter their natural foraging behaviour and can lead to disease or illness through contact with people and the introduction of foods that are harmful to their digestive system.

7. No flora or fauna should be removed from their natural setting. This includes dead wood, fallen leaves, flowers and so forth, as they form part of the ecosystem of the region and their removal could cause disturbance.

8. Wildlife that appears to be in distress, injured or in danger should be reported immediately to the appropriate authority, such as your Guide/Tour Leader, a National Park Ranger, Visitor Centre Staff or Wildlife Victoria Rescue Ph:1300 094 535.

9. If you are a smoker! We ask you to refrain from smoking whilst in the company of other passengers and limit it to designated smoking areas. Smoking is not permitted on any of our vehicles, or in any type of accommodation including permanent campsites. We make frequent ‘comfort stops’ to allow free time for guests but cannot guaranteed smoke breaks. Please ensure you dispose of your cigarette butt responsibly and appropriately.

10. Bring a water bottle with you on our Mountain Bike YouYangs Bush Adventure. Purchasing bottled water contributes large amounts of plastic into landfill.  Therefore, we ask guests to bring their own bottle, as there is access to water refill stations available on our vehicles.  Please ensure you stay hydrated throughout the tour to reduce the risk of sun exposure and dehydration.

11. Some of the trails are over uneven or rocky surfaces. We recommend guests wear sturdy, comfortable shoes and have a moderate level of mobility.

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