Here at Autopia Tours we are committed not only to showcasing the wonders and beauty of nature with our guests, but also ensuring they are preserved and cared for well into the future;  we believe future generations should have access to the same natural assets as the current generation.  This is why we have strong ecological sustainability interests ingrained into our business culture, ethics and operations.

We are very proud to be involved in many projects which have environmental and social benefits at their core.

Greenfleet Partnership - Offset Omissions

We have decided to partner with Greenfleet, an organisation which provides options for offsetting of carbon emissions.  Being a travel and transport oriented company, we believe this is a huge step forward in reducing our ecological footprint and are very excited to join this program.  We hope to offset 75% of all transport emissions to begin with and have a vision of extending this to 100% by 2020.  Emissions from vehicles contribute to the greenhouse effect and hence contribute to climate change and global warming.  Offsetting with Greenfleet supports programs, such as tree planting along the Great Ocean Road, which helps reduce the effects our emissions have on the environment.

Carbon Neutral Printing

Brochures are another area we recognised the potential for improvement.  We now use Mystique for all our printing needs, as they share our strong environmental values.    By choosing Mystique, our brochures are now being produced by a company that’s not only local, but one which uses all recycled paper, natural ink and is certified carbon neutral as well.  To keep this positive momentum flowing, we ask our guests return used brochures back to hotel reception or a travel desk once they are finished with, rather than disposing of them after just one use.

Supporting the WWF & Phillip Island Nature Parks

Guests that choose to explore the Phillip Island Nature Parks Antarctic Journey on our 1 day Phillip Island tour will also be supporting the WWF’s (this should be hyperlinked to their website) Southern Ocean projects through a portion of their ticket.  Locally, the WWF are focused on protecting creatures of the Southern Ocean through sanctuary zones and have so far established 2 of the world’s largest marine sanctuary zones in the Antarctic region.  Seals, whales, penguins, sea birds, fish and more are all benefitting from WWF programs.

Wipe for Wildlife - Recycled Toilet Paper

Wildlife is so important to us we even Wipe for Wildlife (this should be hyperlinked to their website) at the workplace, using only recycled toilet paper!  We’ve chosen Who Gives A Crap because they also help developing communities get the much needed facilities they are lacking.  Thousands and thousands of trees are cut down annually just to make toilet paper, so by choosing recycled we help reduce the deforestation of bushland and habitat.

Light$mart Program - Workplace LED Installation

Working closely with the Hobson Bay City Council our depot and offices will use only energy efficient LED light globes, estimated to reduce energy consumption by around 65%.  We’ll even replace traditional light switches in areas such as bathrooms and kitchen with timers, to ensure lights are off when not being used as part of the Light$mart Program.

Planet Ark's - National Tree Day

Preventing tree clearing is only part of the issue though and that’s why we decided to take part in Planet Ark’s National Tree Day each year.  This program aims to replant Australia with native vegetation and our staff are proud to get their hands dirty for such a great cause.  Native vegetation are drought resistant, help protect waterways from sediment fall and also encourage native wildlife back into urban zones.  If you’re living in Australia and are keen to get involved also, you can register your interest to take part through their website.